Warranty conditions


The warranties granted by ELARIS hereunder have no negative effect on the buyer's statutory rights against the seller in the event of a defect. Rather, they offer additional rights over and above the contractual claims. Claims of the buyer against the seller, in particular due to a defect in the vehicle, remain unaffected by the warranties described below.


ELARIS AG, Robert-Bunsen-Straße 1, 67098 Bad Dürkheim, Germany, grants the following warranties for each ELARIS vehicle:


1. New vehicle warranty

ELARIS warrants new ELARIS vehicles to be free from defects in material and labour in accordance with the state of the art of each model for a period of 24 months without mileage limitation.


1.1 Maturities

ELARIS DYO 2 years/150,000 km* manufacturer's warranty
ELARIS BEO, LENN and JACO: 5 years/150,000 km* vehicle warranty
                                                                (2-year manufacturer's warranty plus 3-year new vehicle warranty)
ELARIS CARO S: 3 years/150,000 km* vehicle warranty
                                                                (2 years manufacturer's warranty plus 1 year new vehicle warranty)

*depending on which event occurs firs


1.2 Warranty claims

Both for the provision of general warranty services and for the provision of additional services in accordance with this section, all work (except painting) must be carried out by a service partner authorised by ELARIS (the addresses of authorised service partners can be found at www.elaris.eu).


1.3 Warranty on high voltage components

The warranty covers repairs with the purpose of repairing defects in material and work on the high-voltage components listed below that occur during the warranty period:

  • High-voltage wiring
  • High-voltage control modules
  • Power converter module
  • Accessories power module
  • Integrated high voltage charger
  • Brake modulator assembly
  • Electric drive unit and internal components thereof, including auxiliary oil pump, auxiliary pump controller and three-phase cable


1.4 Drive battery

In addition to covering defects in materials and workmanship, the traction battery warranty also covers loss of charge capacity, which must not fall below 70% of the original capacity for a certain period of time, depending on the vehicle battery specification, until the end of the warranty period.

The warranty periods for the traction batteries are as follows:

ELARIS DYO 8 years/150,000km (whichever comes first)

ELARIS BEO, LENN and JACO 8 years/150,000 km (whichever comes first)

ELARIS CARO and CARO S 8 years/150,000 km (whichever comes first)


As with all batteries, the capacity of the traction battery gradually decreases with time and use. Depending on the type of use, the performance characteristics of the battery may deteriorate by 10% to 30% within the warranty period.

This warranty covers all repairs necessary to restore the battery capacity to 70% or more. Only if necessary will the entire battery be replaced with a new or factory reconditioned battery that is within the limits (e.g. capacity) for the age and mileage of the vehicle.

This puts your vehicle in a fully functional condition according to its age and wear and tear. The traction battery's charging capacity coverage is limited by the exclusions listed in the "Traction battery warranty exclusions" section.


1.5 Compliance with maintenance intervals

The maintenance intervals specified by ELARIS and their scope can be found in your vehicle's service booklet. ELARIS grants a maximum tolerance of 10% in relation to the maintenance interval (specified period or specified mileage, depending on which event occurs first). Compliance with these specifications is always a prerequisite for ELARIS to grant warranty services. 


1.6 New vehicle warranty conditions

The warranty periods begin from the date of delivery by the first ELARIS partner to deliver the vehicle or the date of first registration (whichever comes first). 

The warranties are exclusively for free repair of the vehicle by a service partner authorised by ELARIS, i.e. ELARIS is only obliged under this warranty to have parts repaired or replaced by an ELARIS service partner at ELARIS's discretion. Repair and replacement of defective parts shall be carried out by the ELARIS service partner to whom the vehicle is brought, without charging for materials or labour. ELARIS reserves the right to decide whether parts are repaired or replaced.

Claims against ELARIS that go beyond such free repairs are not part of these warranties and are excluded from them. In particular, these warranties do not grant the right to demand replacement delivery or delivery of a defect-free vehicle.

Also excluded are claims for compensation, e.g. for the provision of a replacement vehicle, compensation for damages, including for incidental and consequential damages (e.g. car hire costs, hotel costs or compensation for frustrated expenses, loss of personal property or income), which are not eligible for compensation under the provisions of these warranties

The warranties are limited to restoring the vehicle to a condition that corresponds to normal wear and tear of the vehicle according to its age, mileage and state of care at the time of repair. If the net repair costs excluding VAT exceed the current value of the vehicle without damage, only the current value will be replaced.

The warranties are tied to the vehicle and remain valid even if the owner changes.

All repairs, including repairs to accident damage, bodywork and paintwork, must be carried out in accordance with ELARIS guidelines.

All warranty claims end with the expiry of the respective warranty period. In the case of a defect that has been legitimately reported within the warranty period but not rectified by the end of the warranty period, the warranty promise for this component shall apply until the defect has been rectified, provided that ELARIS or the service partner is responsible for the delay.

If the defect cannot be demonstrated or the existence of a defect or its rectification is disputed, the claim shall expire two months after the last rectification or the declaration by the ELARIS service partner or ELARIS that the defect has been rectified or that there is no defect.

An interruption or restart of the respective warranty period due to rectification or examination of the complaint or negotiations about the circumstances giving rise to the claim is excluded.

Warranty claims can only be made on presentation of the completed warranty and service cheque booklet with the warranty certificate completed and signed by the ELARIS partner. All service work carried out (inspections, corrosion protection service) must be documented in order to maintain the warranty claims.

For the parts installed during the repair work, the same warranty is granted as for the vehicle until the expiry of the respective warranty period in accordance with sections 1.1 to 1.3, i.e. the warranty is not extended by the repair or replacement of parts, not even for the replaced or repaired parts.

Replaced parts become the property of ELARIS. ELARIS reserves the right to inspect parts before repairing or replacing them.

Warranty services shall only be provided subject to the proviso that the legitimacy of the warranty claim is confirmed in the course of any subsequent inspections (e.g. parts inspections) until such time as ELARIS expressly confirms this. If an inspection reveals that there is no warranty claim, any repair costs incurred shall be borne by the Customer.

Declarations or assurances of third parties of any kind that deviate in any way from the scope and conditions of the guarantee described here are not binding on ELARIS.

ELARIS shall only provide a warranty for tyres if the end customer has previously submitted warranty claims to the manufacturer of these products. A legal claim is not necessary. ELARIS offers no guarantee for special bodies and special conversions manufactured by third parties and supplied to ELARIS.

ELARIS offers no guarantee for special bodies and special conversions manufactured by third parties and supplied to ELARIS


2. Mobility warranty

ELARIS guarantees new ELARIS vehicles to be free from defects in materials and workmanship in accordance with the current state of the art of each model for a period of 24 months without mileage limitation.


2.1 The following provisions for business customers are offered by mobile GARANTIE Deutschland GmbH, Knibbeshof 10a, 30900 Wedemark


2.1.1 Warranty conditions 



2.1.2 Terms for business customers

  • ELARIS DYO                                             2 years
  • ELARIS BEO, LENN and JACO        5 years
  • ELARIS CARO and CARO S                3 years


2.2 The following provisions for private customers are offered by Automobilclub von Deutschland e. V., Goldsteinstraße 237, 60528 Frankfurt am Main.


2.2.1 Warranty conditions 



2.2.2 Terms for private customers

  • ELARIS DYO                                            2 years AVD membership fee
  • ELARIS BEO, LENN and JACO       5-year AVD membership fee


In each case in the Help Plus tariff valid worldwide. The AVD cancellation period is 3 months plus the current month. This can be submitted to the AVD by e-mail, fax or post.



Status: April 2024

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